I drink 2 liters of Pepsi everyday at least, how can this be harmful?

Answer You are raising your risks for obesity and diabetes.Regular soft drinks are full of sugars, switch to diet cola and avoid all of those sugars.All of those sugars are empty calories with no nutritio... Read More »

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How many liters of water should i Drink Everyday?

Drink one more glass than you want to. There is this 8 glass thing that goes on and on and on with no scientific reason it's one of those urban legend thingees that never die, like swimming after ... Read More »

Is it bad to drink pepsi everyday?

I drink 1 pint of Low fat milk and 3 liters of water Is this okay?

Maybe drink a little less milk. But the benefits of drinking lots of water are your complexion brightens it detoxes your body and It keeps your mind sharp. The benefits of drinking lots of milk are... Read More »

Indians-why cant this crow drink pepsi instead of raising the water?

Health benefits of drinking waterregulate appetiteincrease metabolismboost energy levelsless water retentionalleviate some headacheshelp reduce blood pressurehelp reduce high cholesterolease joint ... Read More »