I dreamed my girlfriend and i had a baby boy?

Answer Sir, the only way she could be pregnant is if you and her had unprotected sex and u relesed sperm into her. A dream will never come true, you and her are gonna be fine!

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If you and your girlfriend are both 15 and she's pregnant and you both have jobs but her mother and father want the baby because they can't have another one can your girlfriend keep the baby?

If Your Girlfriend And You Are Both 15. But Have Jobs And She's Pregnant. But Her Mother And Father Want The Baby Because They Can't Have Another Of Their Own Can Your Girlfriend Keep The Baby? Per... Read More »

Can you get in trouble if you are 18 and get your girlfriend who is 15 pregnant but you are going to stay with and help support your girlfriend and the baby?

Answer If the legal age of consent in your state/country is more than 15years of age, then it is unlawful sexual intercourse and this is a criminal offence. Your age can mitigate the response of th... Read More »

My girlfriend wants to keep the baby... What should I do?

Step up to the plate, and be emotionally and financially supportive!You can't just go 'round scattering and praying for a 100% crop failure! Seeds SPROUT!

If you and your girlfriend want a baby and you are ready should you do it if you're both 15?

I know you may think that your love for your girlfriend is greater than ever, but, being only fifteen, I doubt that both of you will mature at the same rate and end up together sharing the same lif... Read More »