I drank some herbs and now I feel weird please help!!?

Answer That's a grate herbal meditation enhancing tea!!! I'll have to wright that one downTansy rosemary and sage all contain a drug called thujone, thujone is a very very mild psychedelic so it makes ev... Read More »

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I drank some soap(liquid) please help?

Oh my gosh, I feel so sh*t. Can I get some help, please?

Bananas have potassium which naturally helps period pains.I always listen to Purple Stain by RHCP. Idk why, but it helps.Lie on your tummy on a soft bed or couch and chew minty gum.Bend over and to... Read More »

Im a bit down. i need some old feel good summer songs from 2000-2005. please help!?

how about stargirl-mcfly i no this is after 2005 but it is feel good

I drank expired OJ please help!?

You will be fine. If it wasn't good anymore, it would have tasted funny or even disgusting and it would have had mold on the bottle or carton opening, which I assume it did not. Todays foods and dr... Read More »