I drank battery acid. Help!?

Answer Troll.

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Would I die if I drank battery acid?

This is crazy talk. Please don't drank you may not die but later you may cause problem for your body.

How Do I Know If a Lead Acid Battery Is a Gel Battery?

Gel Cell AppearanceLook for vents in the battery. Conventional lead acid batteries contain several holes in the battery top to allow replacement of water lost by electricity generation. Gel cells a... Read More »

Precautions for Car Battery Acid?

Car batteries use a chemical reaction to produce electricity, but the chemicals necessary for the battery to function can pose serious health risks for anyone who comes in contact with them. Becaus... Read More »

How to Let a Lead Acid Battery Die?

A lead acid battery contains two electrodes immersed in acid electrolyte. The chemical reaction between the electrodes and the electrolyte produces electrical energy in a battery. To discharge a ba... Read More »