I drank Red Bull and I am still sleepy?

Answer You gotta try a stronger energy drink. Give SoBe No Fear or Hansens Deuce a try

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Have you ever drank a Red Bull drink?

i have. it's not the best drink in the world, but it's good. it almost tastes like that Big League Chew gum

I drank an 8.4 oz can of red bull a 16 oz can of monster and 18.6 oz of monster the dub edition?

you need to stop drinking them and find an alternative. you are crashing because of all the sugar content in them. Monster alone has 27 grams of sugar. sure it makes you feel good for a little u... Read More »

Would you still get as much water if you just drank juice?

you really should drink some plain watertry water with a little sliced fruit or cucumber & a pinch of sugar

Do energy drinks like Red Bull still work if you drink them every day?

Yes and no. As far as the physical effects of Taurine I have no knowledge, but Taurine is only really of impact in the brain. Caffiene however, the chief stimulant in Red Bull (aside from sugars) d... Read More »