I downloaded photoshop Cs6, but it won't let me save?

Answer Sounds like you installed Photoshop on a tiny netbook. It needs a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768, so if you're using a 1024×600 model, it is hiding buttons and options from you.If your net... Read More »

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How to Use Downloaded Brushes in Photoshop Cs2?

Brushes in Photoshop CS2 function much the same as the tip of a brush used in traditional painting. When used in the program workspace area they create varying shapes, ranging from simple circular ... Read More »

Where do i save downloaded dell webcam effects?

How to install Advanced Video Effects 1. Launch Live! Cam Console and locate Advanced Video FX utility. 2. On the More menu, click Add video effects. 3. Locate and open the folder that contai... Read More »

How do you back up save data from games downloaded from Installous on an Ipod touch so that you can restore it?

theres an app called app backup you have to do research on it because my dad hacked mine ipod

Facebook settings wont save!?

If it Should Save Right when you Change it Since its Not Its Probably a Error With Facebook Please Contact Facebook at the Help Center and Report the Problem to them