I down loaded the "newest Adobe flash player", but it doesn't work. Why?

Answer It's difficult to pinpoint the issue without more information like the O/S you're using.However, there is a conflict between the integrated version of Flash Player which is automatically updated by... Read More »

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Adobe Flash Player "Movie Not Loaded" on all Browsers?

The Fix:Clear your browser’s cache and cookies it fix the problem for me.Firefox? Go to tools / clear recent history / Make sure the top four are checked / hit clear now.Good luck!

I all ready have Adobe Flash Player 11 on my computer. If I down load Google Crome it comes with the Adobe Fla?

If you already have it, Google chrome won't install another one. Its the same.thing.

What can you use instead of adobe flash player?

The Remarq is cute, Eco friendly and small but the intercept is a touch screen and big but touch screens Break easily. *k*

My usb flash drive doesnt work on Win98 O/S, why?

you most likely dont have 2.0 drivers or hardware and you probably dont have USB mass storage drivers. might be time to upgrade. and ME doesnt like mass USB drives either.