I don't understand Vegan/Vegetarians?

Answer It is simply a personal choice. It is possible to eat a very healthy diet and be vegan or vegetarian, though you should take the B vitamins that are only found in animal products. I AM NOT a vegeta... Read More »

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I dont understand how to download videos from youtube ?

Easy just use this

I keep buying cameras. people dont understand me!?

Maybe you should buy yourself a digital SLR.... that way if they get mad at you for buying new cameras.... now instead of getting a whole new camera you will constantly be buying new lenses and tri... Read More »

Why Dont DOCTORS understand that FUNGUS causes CANCER?

Because it doesn't.This fungus nonsense is completely implausible.To the other sceptics: Did any of you ever watch Dr. Simoncini's "cancer is fungus" video?Here check it out:- Read More »

How do you change the name of a link If you dont understand please look inside?

If its a link from your website the code you would use would be similar to this:yahoo