I don't think I'm going to be able to afford university?

Answer Seriously, don't bother with University in the UK, do you know what you would want to study?If you think you can hack it in Inner Europe where it is far cheaper or free. Some of the degrees are eve... Read More »

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How to Afford an Online University?

Online universities allow you to study for your degree on your own time. It is ideal for busy professionals who don't have the time to travel for classes. Just like any college, online schools cost... Read More »

How do travellers in the uk afford luxury caravans and cars when they dont work?

Sorry - what was that you said about TAXING them ??????????? Are you on the same planet..... but seriously, when people mention the dreaded word "travellers" it nearly always means a load of out of... Read More »

I want to go to a university but i cannot afford it, my parents make too much to get financail aid but they...?

Anyone can qualify for "financial aid" in the form of student loans regardless of parents income. To apply you fill out the fafsa at http://fafsa.ed.govThe best way to get scholarships is to have ... Read More »

How can an international student afford to pay University tuition in Canada?

You will most likely never make enough to afford tuition as an international student. You will have to have student loans, sponsorship from your home country, loans from your parents, and possibly ... Read More »