I don't mind dying as long as I am there. True or False?

Answer How can you not be there?

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True or false You like Apple Juice True or false u dislike Tea. True or False. You like Root Beer?

1. True! 2. FALSE! LOVE tea!3. Yes! But I prefer a Cream Soda Float over a Root beer float :)

True or false: red wine ans chocolate are good for the mind..?

True but as Misty said, not so good for the waistline. Everything in moderation, unfortunately!!Scientists believe polyphenols - plant chemicals abundant in dark chocolate and wines - widen blood v... Read More »

True or false,the most beautiful girls dont wear make up?

True, of course. You're not beautiful if the only way you look pretty is covered in makeup.

True or False Always answer honestly and avoid no comment If you dont know say so and bridge to a command message?