I don't like the taste/texture of any food! Help!?

Answer Fine dining represents another great opportunity to explore foods you haven’t enjoyed in the past. I was finally won over on brussels sprouts after a spectacular meal in San Francisco, and now co... Read More »

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Does everybody vomit during pregnancy I am currently 5-6 weeks pregnant and I feel tired and not I dont like any food at all and smells are making me sick. I havent been vomiting. Pls help?

Early pregnancy can induce a variety of symptoms including but not limited toabsence of a periodimplantation bleedingvaginal dischargelethargydizzinesspain in the base of the skull mild abdominal d... Read More »

I dont like how my daughter dresses plz help?

arent you the one who buys the clothes? Buy her something that you think is appropriate. Show her that you can be "sexy" but yet casual at the same time...let her keep a lil of the flair that she l... Read More »


Well, I don't really like people either.Part of that reason is because I have social anxiety. I hate being around people,

Help Im Getting Bitten By Bugs While I Sleep But They Dont Look Like Bed Bugs Help?

Fleas or lice? Where do they bite you? Lice tend to hang out where you have hair, fleas are more random