I don't like a lot of healthy foods. Help?

Answer I think you need to start trying new foods 1 per day and keep adding new foods to your diet each week. Stop eating the same ole foods try New ones. Eat some summer fresh Fruit, almonds are good, ... Read More »

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Are you a healthy eater or do you like fatty foods better..?

I eat healthy....but I prefer fatty foods...

Healthy foods that don't taste like poo?

CUCUMBER! OMG love it soooooooooooo much!

Are there some known *healthy* foods that will help fill hunger pains?

Fresh fruit and vegetables would be your best bet. They have a lot of fiber in them, so you'll feel full for longer. Drink plenty of water too.


Well, I don't really like people either.Part of that reason is because I have social anxiety. I hate being around people,