I don't know what to think Is this normal?

Answer Pregnancy tests are not always correct, and you have multiple symptoms of being pregnant. Go see you're doctor and they can do more reliable tests. Your breasts arent ment to grow after you finih p... Read More »

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Your so vein, you probably think this song is about you dont you, dont you!?

I think i am pregnant and I dont know what to do?

Some women know they are pregnant before even taking a test. Others take a test and get a false negative result. This can happen if you just missed your period, or for other reasons. Here are some ... Read More »

I think im blind, im only 13 and I dont know what to do!?

Yes go to see a doctor right away . Something has happened to your eye and you need to get it checked right away. it is not your fault so don't worry.

Im 15 and want to mow lawns but i dont know how much to charge. What do you think?

Decide how much time you can devote to it. Ask your neigbors how much they pay and how often they get their's cut.Do some math and figure out how you can compete with what's already out there. You ... Read More »