I dont know what to do my first vlog abiut?

Answer Good videos that are always in demand are..1. Movie reviews and book reviews and product reviews2. Game reviews3. how to videos You can also earn income for free if you do them see video below

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Want to make a vlog channel but I dont know where to start?

To Vlog or Not to Vlog?

It shouldn't affect your chances of getting your dream job, the only downside to showing your face on the internet is that there will be some immature and stupid people who may abuse you. Be prepar... Read More »

How to start a vlog please?

I think we are to the point now when vloggers need an "angle". It's no longer popular to just talk about your daily life, unless you are already popular online for other reasons. You need a concise... Read More »

What i need to start a vlog?

A decent Camera, and preferably a good mic.You can get a Kodak Playfull or Playtouch online for cheap. They run $70-$100.Then, get a USB mic to run to your computer. A "Blue Snowball" works well, i... Read More »