I don't know what I just did in Photoshop cs3, help!?

Answer Hi thereBy the looks of things, you've hit 'F' on the keypad, which has hidden the image info. Hit F again a few times, and it will cycle through the 'Full-Screen' views and hopefully return your s... Read More »

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I want to add RAM on my laptop. I just dont know what kind should i get. Any help?

EASIEST WAY go to - just left click on this link - check for offer to test yr ram memory - left click on it - as soon as crucial's server contact yr computer if you have fire... Read More »

I just got a mac and I dont know much about them. Help.?

type in its name in the search bar. As you type, it narrows down possibiities for you. Click on the folder name and you will see the exact file path on the bottom. That is where it went

I need a 5A 125V fuse 4 Coolmaster Boxfan i just dont know the measurements or what appropiate kind get help!?

If you don't know the size, you won't be able to get a proper generic replacement.Measure the length and width of the existing fuse with a metric ruler or caliper (fuses are commonly sized in mm),t... Read More »

Dad just got stung by a bee and i dont know what to expect?

Really your dad went to the ER and you turn to Yahoo Answers for help. Great child you are why didn't you go to the ER and make sure he was OK?