I dont know if its my heart or lungs?

Answer It could be. . - gas [ take tums ]- anxiety [ get on med from your doctor ]- some kind of heart problem [ check with your doctor ]I've been having the same symptoms too but for me it's anxiety. Che... Read More »

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If you dont inhale cigar smoke but keep it in your lungs, can you still get lung cancer?

If it is in your lungs, then you have inhaled it. And you can get lung cancer either way.

Heart or lungs, an incident while jogging?

You might be right, but let the doctor do his work to find out what the real cause is and than he can help you. You still can jog but more slowly, so you can control your breath even better, and th... Read More »

How do doctors operate on the lungs or heart when the ribs are in the way?

Depending on the type of surgery they may have to use a rib spreader or actualy break the ribs. These days they're trying to work more with minit robotic tools & cameras in order to prevent having ... Read More »

Does the tricuspid valve and the pulmonary artery connect the lungs to the heart?

Not just the pulmonary arteries but the veins too, the complete pulmonary system does This includes Pulmonary arteriesPulmonary veins Pulmonary valve