I don't know how to swallow a pill!?

Answer Put some food in your mouth, and chew it up...before you get ready to swallow it, pop the pill in your mouth and let it all go down together.

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How do you swallow a pill?

Practice...but not with pills, you can start with sprinkles since there so tiny they should go down with no problem, then you can try tic tacs, and then maybe a mike & ike since its the same shape ... Read More »

How to Get Your Dog to Swallow a Pill?

Some instructions to keep man's best friend healthy, while preventing man from going insane. Try one of these out and see what works best for your dog.

How to Swallow a Pill?

While it seems like an easy task, swallowing a pill is something that many adults as well as children have great difficulty doing. The fear of gagging can cause the throat to tighten up so that pil... Read More »

I cant swallow my pill,no one is answering and i really need help!?

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