I dont know how to put battey on my wireless mouse?

Answer feed it d-con

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Can anyone reccomend a good make of pc mouse. dont like the wireless ones.?

logitech used a corded optical for years - never any problems ....

I have an old mouse and I dont know how do clean it. How do I do it?

Under the mouse, take out the ball and on the wheels, there will be dirt/dust kinda stuck on the rubber wheels and just scrape it off with your nails.

I nicked a mouse from school and the wheel on it dont work but the rest of the mouse does?

Just go into 'Control Panel' and adjust the settings for the mouse!!!Not that I condone theft!!!

Which is better a wireless mouse or regular mouse?

I did alot of checking into this. I have had about every kind of mouse there is out there. Home, work, ect.Best bet, "Laser" Mouse. Optical has to be to close to the reciever to work properly. L... Read More »