I don't have a cell phone, so how am I supposed to sign up for youtube?

Answer It is a recent change to the policy that prevents 'bots' from signing up and also can be used to control how many channels people can make.You don't need to own a cell phone, you just need access t... Read More »

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How am I supposed to finger out where my cell phone is?

Fingering your cell phone? Sounds like a pic, girl!

Im approaching my 16th birthday and I still dont have a cell phone, how am I to get my parents to get me one?

Tell them since you will probably be driving soon, it would be a good idea to have a cell phone in case of emergencies so you won't be stranded in case something happens. Or tell your parents it'... Read More »

When some 1 calls my home phone is there any way if i dont answer after 3 rings it can go direct 2 my cell pho?

there is a feature called Find Me-Follow Me....that will do just what you want!! Follow Me, Find Me is a call hunting feature that allows you to enter up to five phone numbers to ring in sequence. ... Read More »

How to Sign Up for AARP Consumer Cellular Cell Phone Service?

AARP, formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons, has teamed up with Consumer Cellular to provide discounted cell phone service for qualified members. This is a no contract prog... Read More »