I dont have Word on my pc,only wordpad.Its a brand new dell pc .....................?

Answer The same goes for me on my fairly new PC. You could buy Word but your PC probably came with a Works program which has a word processor. You can save any document that you produce there as a word ... Read More »

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Where can i pick up good quality brand new laptops at decent pricesIm considering Dell.Any views on Dell?

notebookreview.comi just recently got a dell inspiron e1505 or also known as 6400its working pretty darn goodi got it for 885 not listing the specs cuz it will take too longi ordered it online, and... Read More »

Please help! Do I have to use a Dell brand printer with a Dell Laptop Inspiron 8600?

no. when you connect your new printer (any brand) your laptop will recognise that you've got something new connected to it and then you'll need to put the cd in that you got with your printer and f... Read More »

Im thinking of getting a big screen TV but i dont know what brand to get.....?

the BIG question.Start with your budget.Then the size of the room. > determine size of TV.Determine TV type - Plasma, LCD, DLP/projectionBrightness of room for major viewing time.Desire for "best" ... Read More »

Can I use a different brand/make printer with me dell laptop Or does it have to be a dell printer only?

You can use any printer as long as you have the right hook-up and the appropriate driver. You only need to use dell parts if your laptop breaks down and needs replacement parts.XR