I don't have Facebook, or a Twitter account. What am I missing?

Answer It's easier to get in touch with random people you don't know on Yahoo! Answers, if you have liked their posts. You can easily determine the type of the person they are by reading their posts and i... Read More »

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Is it sad if you dont have a facebook account?

You know what is sad? People wasting hours a day sharing their meaningless crap on facebook.

So we have facebook, Google, twitter, Youtube, what does the internet need now?

A site for intelligent, creative people with a sense of humour.Oh, wait. We just got that, it is called,'s new, help shape it if you're up to that.

Have you ever wondered what Facebook, Twitter, etc, are doing to your mind?

As the song goes... ♫♪Everyone's gone to the moon♫♪ ♪♫Everyone's gone to the LOON♪♫ Oh boy, we're boned... Do the Bender! Ramblings courtesy of the Big F and the wee T. You know wha... Read More »

I have found my sister Twitter account, do I stalk it or not?

lmao whatyou should talk about things she tweeted right after she does to creep her out.good night :)