I don't get my retainer for 2 weeks after braces!?

Answer No it is not. Retainer should be placed immediately. Your dentist has to remove brackets to take an impression and then send it to the lab.It doesnt take much time for the dental tech to fabricate ... Read More »

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Im not getting my retainer for 2 weeks after my braces come off. ?

Don't worry your teeth are not going to move in 2 weeks so enjoy them because once you get your retainers you will have to keep removing them when you eat and stuff. but they don't hurt atall altho... Read More »

What happens if I dont use my retainer?

Do I need a retainer after I get braces?

Yeah, I recently got my braces off and now I have to wear a retainer every night (for a year I think) to stop my teeth from moving's amazing how even not wearing it for a few nights can ... Read More »

Retainer before braces?

So your getting your braces on? When you get them off you have to wear your retainer for the rest of your life. Not 24/7 but at nights or every other night. Your teeth are always going to want to m... Read More »