I don't get how girls masturbate..........?

Answer just slide hand down, slip finger inside outer vulva lips, feel for your clitoris and rub gently around that area. as pleasure feelings increase try rubbing a bit harder, and keep up a rhythm. once... Read More »

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Do a lot of girls masturbate?

Lol yes. It's not true that girls don't want sex a lot, we get feelings too..maybe just not as often as a guy would. Hey, it feels great. Why wouldn't we? If guys can, girls should be able to as we... Read More »

How to masturbate GIRLS ONLY!!!!!?

How do girls/women masturbate?

If your just starting out, the best thing is to just use your hand for now. Get naked, lay down on your bed, and start gently rubbing your vaginia, and clit. Go slow, it will feel better. You may b... Read More »

Do twin girls masturbate together?

it is very common for twin girls to masturbate with each other this is because twin girls are very close and so they intrust each other with even the most privet matters such as nudity and self ple... Read More »