I don't feel that hot, I think I have a fever?

Answer I cannot tell a lie, $Jj$. It was I who unvoluntarily dunked something in your drink. That something was a tassel plus a few inches of the body part it was attached to. I was reaching across for "n... Read More »

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Can you have burning up skin and feel hot but have No Fever what is up with that?

Mabey you need to get a new thermometer. it may be broken. or if you were working out then you could have burning up skin and feel hot and have no fever.

If you have joint custody of your son and feel that his safety is in question do you have a legal right to keep him until you feel that he is no longer in danger?

Answer The custodial parent who fears for their child's safety would not have a legal right to keep the child from the other parent until a court ruled on the legitimacy of the claim. In other wor... Read More »

Do you think that people, primarily women, answer here and dont think about the repurcussions of their words?

Well, i wasn't going to answer even tho it is a great question but i think i will try anyhow. :) Yes, people have been unnecessarily rude to me BUT i have also been unnecessarily rude back. (not ne... Read More »

Why do I feel so cold when I have a fever?

Okay -- found a pretty well thought out answer -- it should cover anything you need to know [please don't be insulted that its a "kids" website, the information is reviewed by licensed physicians]Y... Read More »