I don't date guys who masturbate. How many guys out there do NOT masturbate?

Answer We all masturbate, unless we're dead. Sometimes even then.

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Do guys like to watch girls masturbate?

Hell yeah! It's the best. The only girl that should be embarrassed is the girl that doesn't know how to get herself off.

I need a good scenario to masturbate to guys,plz help,any ideas?

If you are old enough to watch porno tapes, you can get very excited and turned on by seeing men who are extremely well endowed plowing their manhoods into sexy ladies while both are screaming from... Read More »

I am 15 i masturbate one time a day sometimes i masturbate but nothing comes out should i stop doing it?

no - you do it so it feels good, not for the stuff to come out at that age.. it is true that you are young as pointed out below, but that just shows that you shouldn't have that stuff coming out, y... Read More »

On what series did a female college student work for SD-6 good guys until it turned out they were part of the Alliance of Twelve bad guys at which point she joined the CIA good guys more or le?