I don't I'm going to drink any Firewiskey for the next few days.....?

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How can i stop myself from turning into a drunken hussy everytime i drink (i dont want 2 drink any less)?

what's your phone number? you have plans for friday?

You dont drink dont smoke what do you do?

No..don't do that or you'll be a "Goody Two Shoes" Lol :))

How much could you lose it you dont eat for 3 days?

depends on you matabolism. personally, since mine is very fast, id probably loose a good 10 pounds and feel very bad. thats just me though ask your doctor

Dont hours get shorter as the days go by?

no.365 days in a year.12 months in a year.52 weeks in a year.7 days in a week.24 hours in a day.60 minutes in an hour.60 seconds in a's the same all day and all night.