I dint know how to plugin some wires on the motherboard?

Answer Its in the manual under "front header"

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How do you hook up cheap speakers that come with two sets of wires..'hi channel' blue wires?

Don't listen to Stooge he's being Stooge. The two sets of wires can only be for the seperate speaker elements within the unit and are provided separately so you van drive them with different amplif... Read More »

Two straight parallel wires carry currents in opposite directions as shown in the figure. One of the wires car?

There is no figure shown. This is an incomplete question, and may be in the wrong category

Dint in foil side of lcd?

If the dint was there when you got the replacement part, just go back and have them switch it out. That should be a normal warranty matter.

What is the best virus scanner that is free i dint want to have to sing up for anything?

AVG is actually a very popular and effective way to protect your computer for free. You receive updates for free, and as far as I know it will be free forever. If you want it go to this website. ht... Read More »