I dint know how to plugin some wires on the motherboard?

Answer Its in the manual under "front header"

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I have lost a document in Microsoft word, and i dint save it, does anyone know how to get it back?

everything you delete stays on your hard drive as very small ISO document. these are very hard to get to and you need a special program to do it with. this is possible. try calling up a computer re... Read More »

How do I disable firefox temporarily I need to download some plugin to watch youtube.?

You don't need to disable Firefox. Firefox installs all your plug ins while Firefox is loaded in your computer.Just to to Mozilla's ADD On pages:…Find th... Read More »

How do I know if my motherboard is good?

Now days everything is cheaper and better. A new ASRock mobo at is 60 to 80 dollars and a new cpu(processor) I like AMD is only 110 dollars for a fast quadcore. I have the AMD FX-4100. T... Read More »

How to know if a motherboard is Ivy Bridge compatible?

The manufacturer has a compatibility list on their site.…