I didn't realize how often I use Wikipedia until today?

Answer Well, at least people will use google and analyze their information on their own.. just like the old times. Well, not that old. Pre-wikipedia.

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Why dont people realize that wikipedia sucks?

Do you guys realize how easy it is to edit a wikipedia page and totally mess it up if you please?

With automated reversion of those edits, removing those mess is easier than creating them.

Today's pop music sucks but people don't realize that it started in the mid late 90s?

" of 80s music hated 90s music. as with the 70s 60s 50s each past generation hated the next generation music."Wise words, young grasshopper. It didn't start in the mid-late 90s. As long as... Read More »

Do the young people of today realize they are being sold a " bill of goods" by the music industry?

I agree that music today is tasteless. I hardly even listen to the radio anymore...I just pop in a cd instead. And the subjects we sing about are less than amusing also. Sex, body parts, drugs, ... Read More »