I didn't blow .000 for my breathalyzer?

Answer I hope you get sent to jail. Obviously you've not learned much while on probation, including the ability to spell. PLEASE try and make a positive change in your life.

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A daycare lady didnt let a little girl have her desert cause she didnt finish her food and then ....?

Are you here mother or another daycare helper?As a daycare helper, go to the director and explain the ladies treatment of the little girl. Another mother, tell the little girls mother. No child sho... Read More »

My ear feels clogged up i tried wax removal and it didnt work flushing with water and q-tips didnt work help?

Go pick up a ear wax removal kit. They cost about $4 at any Wal-Mart or drug store. You may have to use it for a few days but it will safely remove the wax from your ear. People putting Q-Tips in... Read More »

What to do if you need to blow your nose and have nothing to blow it on?

suck it back in baby! Suck it back in!!!!

Can a breathalyzer be wrong?

On One Hand: Breathalyzers are Primarily ReliableBreathalyzers test air from deep in the lungs to gauge whether or not a person's blood alcohol level is higher than the legal limits for motorists. ... Read More »