I did something really embarrassing- help me!!?

Answer the less of a big deal you make of it, the less of a big deal he will make of dont even worry about it until or unless he says something. If he gets around to finally commenting or asking ... Read More »

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Can any one suggest something to help really bad sunburn?

For sunburn, you should use Aloe Vera gel to soothe the pain, but you can use Calamine lotion or Hydrocortisone cream over-the-counter to alleviate the inflammation and redness. Apply at least two... Read More »

How to Get Over Something You Love That Is Embarrassing?

Embarrassed guy...Now, every body loves something, and that is okay. But not if what you love is considered "old-school" and "over-rated" or something that is so embarrassing. This is how to get ov... Read More »

Has your child ever told something embarrassing at school?

When my daughter was 4, she stood up in the preschool lunch room and said, "Excuse me..I need something else for lunch because chili gives me gas!"

How to Prevent Your Parents/Family from Doing Something Embarrassing?

Think your parents are going to embarrass you in front of people? Here's how to solve, or even prevent, that problem.