I deleted my internet program. How do I get it back?

Answer delted bin check there.

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Is there a program that can recover previously deleted internet history from months before?

Is there anyway you can get back any pictures/videos back thats deleted off your memory card on your camera?

The best you can do is use a recovery program, that may do it.However in the mean time don't use this card at all. Buy another card for the mean time.Just Google for "photo recovery" or use the li... Read More »

Deleted hp wireless program on accident?

Im not a pro but this is what i would do. Go into Device Manager and open it. Look for Network adapters and open that part. You should get a few things there. Just right click on all of them one by... Read More »

Can I restore a deleted program using the DOS prompt?

On One Hand: There Is the DOS Undelete CommandDepending on what version of DOS you have, you may have the undelete command built in or you may need to get a third-party utility. DOS 5 and DOS 6 inc... Read More »