I deleted my browsing history but is there a way they could still look it up?

Answer cgzc8 is right. and another thing about cookies, you also need to remove your temporary internet files! just follow these simple steps.1. on your desktop, double-click my computer. (this will show ... Read More »

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How Do You Recover Deleted Internet Browsing History?

Run a free file recovery software. You should be able to recover most of the deleted files. It’s scary how much stuff can be recovered. Try any of these: Recovering deleted fileshttp://www.aumha.... Read More »

How do you recover internet browsing history if someone has deleted it?

yeah, go to 'temporary internet files' folder, i think it's in the windows folder. but you cant see it if the clever dude's hidden it!

How to view web browsing history after it has been deleted on the computer?

Gotta get ahead of the boy a bit. Open "Internet options" from tools tab at the top of the browser. Under the "Browser history" catagory, click "settings". In that box, click "view files".If he's ... Read More »

Recover deleted internet browsing history?

No, once your history is gone, you can't access it. DAT files can't necesarily be opened in one particular program. They are just used by other programs to hold data, if that makes sense. However, ... Read More »