I dare you to find a pair of contradictory Wikipedia policies?

Answer John, I'm sorry that your brain was stunted during childhood.Two contradictory tenets of Wikipedia (I can't be bothered to look up whether they are policies or guidelines or essays) are WP:COI and ... Read More »

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On there was a story called Truth and Dare Where can I find it Since i can't get on lis?

That's a really great book that Julie Arnold authored.You can get it at lulu.com…

How to Find the Perfect Pair of Sneakers?

Ever wondered how some of your friends have the perfect pair of sneakers? Well no more, because this guide will tell you how to find and purchase the perfect pair of sneakers.

How and why do animal lovers eat meat Is this not contradictory?

Nobody can be an animal lover or environmentalist and still eat meat.

How to Find an Ordered Pair From an Equation?

Equations express relationships between variables and constants. The solutions to two-variable equations consist of two values, known as ordered pairs, and written as (a, b) where "a" and "b" are r... Read More »