I cut some of my finger nails too short!?

Answer Ouch i hate with this happens! There isnt much you can do to stop the pain, actually i dont know why soaking them in water would help. What does help however, because i used to do this all the time... Read More »

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Can a school contact DYFS if a child's finger nails are cut to short?

The same thing has happened to me. At first I wanted to go to court and get them convicted and sent to jail. Then it hit me I would be living the abuse all over again. So I just dropped that Idea. ... Read More »

Guys: Do you like girls with long nails or short nails ?

Long nails always make a womans hands look more feminine & sexy. Some women can't grow long nails so a nicely done set of fakes is awesome. My wife keeps hers close to 1 inch long and squared at th... Read More »

Can you get gel nails if you have really short nails?

Yes you can get gel nails. You can either go with the natural length of your nail or if you want a longer look they can add a plastic tip to your nail to make them longer. If they add a tip and if ... Read More »

About Finger Nails?

Fingernails are comparable to the claws that protect animals from predators and aid in killing prey. In humans, fingernails serve a much less important day-to-day role, but they are high on the lis... Read More »