I cut some of my finger nails too short!?

Answer Ouch i hate with this happens! There isnt much you can do to stop the pain, actually i dont know why soaking them in water would help. What does help however, because i used to do this all the time... Read More »

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Can a school contact DYFS if a child's finger nails are cut to short?

The same thing has happened to me. At first I wanted to go to court and get them convicted and sent to jail. Then it hit me I would be living the abuse all over again. So I just dropped that Idea. ... Read More »

Guys: Do you like girls with long nails or short nails ?

Long nails always make a womans hands look more feminine & sexy. Some women can't grow long nails so a nicely done set of fakes is awesome. My wife keeps hers close to 1 inch long and squared at th... Read More »

How to Tie Dye Your Finger Nails?

Ever wanted to have nails like the image below but thought it was too hard or tricky for a normal person to do?

About Finger Nails?

Fingernails are comparable to the claws that protect animals from predators and aid in killing prey. In humans, fingernails serve a much less important day-to-day role, but they are high on the lis... Read More »