I cut my leg while shaving?

Answer Use cold water or an ice pack to contract the veins - that will slow the bloodflow. Apply pressure with clean bandages or tissues, and wait it out. Eventually the platelets will take action and you... Read More »

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How to Moisturize While Shaving Your Legs Without Shaving Cream?

So everyone is cutting back on things these days. Financially, families are having tough times making ends meet. Another way to cut back is to eliminate buying shaving cream to shave your legs. Her... Read More »

I cut my thumb while shaving?

Get some antibiotic and achohol. Apply it to the wound. After everything is inside close up the wound and get a cotton ball with antibiotic and put a band aid on it. Take it off tomorrow and repeat... Read More »

I cut myself while shaving?

just make sure you rub the scar so that it totally fades away and well if it makes you feel any better one of my chick friends was telling me that when she was shaving her arm pits she almost shave... Read More »

I scraped my skin while shaving, what should i do!?

If you have neosporin in your house, it works well for this sort of thing. Hydrogen Peroxide works really well too, but if you don't have that either, warm water with salt dissolved into it will he... Read More »