I cut my leg when I was shaving HELP?

Answer We can't see the size of the wounds but wounds from shaving are usually not severe, and you would be able to tell if it was becoming infected. You should put poly sporin or a similar cream on it an... Read More »

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I cut my leg shaving HELP?

It should be gone it 2 weeks, but it might scab over:(If it does DON'T PICK AT IT! Otherwise it will keep scabbing over and definitely won't go:(Cover it in Neosporin :)

Shaving Please help fast!?

Just straight up tell your mom that you don't want to "talk about it".Lol.You'll need to do it eventually...

Body shaving help please.?

use cleopatra sugaring made by honey and sugar 100 % natural , go to also you can watch tutorial videos on

Girls only, help with shaving?

If your completely set on shaving try shaving with the hair first (in the direction the hair grows) then the other direction, and using shaving cream or gel can help with the irritation. If you are... Read More »