I cut my finger with a piece of glass?

Answer I'm gonna let u in on a little secret that the milltary likes to use get a damp washcloth and apply pressure to the wound ( take the bandaid of first) apply pressure for at least 5 min and then tak... Read More »

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How do i get a small piece of glass out of my finger hurts like hell?

Tweezers are the best thing to get a piece of glass out. Yep, it hurts.

Can i reduce computer radiation by covering monitor with a piece of glass?

Just get an LCD monitor and problem solved. They are really cheap nowadays.200 bucks gets u a 19" LCD.

What should you do if you find someone with a piece of glass sticking out of their arm?

First, call the emergency services (ambulance and medics).First AidDo not try to remove the piece of glass. If the patient is standing, get the person to sit or lay down. Wrap a towel around the gl... Read More »

How to Cast Off a Finger Knitted Piece?

If you finger knit and you are finally done with your work piece but you don't know how to cast off, here is a fast and simple way to cast off.