I cut my finger with a butcher knife yesterday how do i know if its infected?

Answer If it was a deep cut.. Yes it's still going to bleed until it seals. Just keep it wraped up and clean it off once in a while.. If it falls off you know it's infected.

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Cut my finger yesterday with a knife how can i keep the cut clean?

Clean it frequently (every few hours or so) with hydrogen peroxide.

I think i cut my tounge with a butter knife will it get infected ?

Ouch, it is unlikely you will get an infection. After eating rinse your mouth with water, or brush your teeth to remove food particles from your mouth. Rinse your mouth with warm water with a bi... Read More »

Cut open my finger with a knife?

dab it with a damp soft towel, and wrap it with a bandage, if there's not a bandage the right size use a piece of gauze and some tape, wrap it tight to ensure that it would heal correctly, it shoul... Read More »

Cut my finger deep with a knife?

You might want to get it checked out by a doctor. My dad sliced his finger open one time and it wouldn't stop bleeding even after a band-aid, and going to the doctors he found he needed stitches.