I cut my finger and my blood is orange!!?

Answer Dude! Have another.

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Why are TC DC blood tests are conducted by pricking the finger while other blood tests r not done tht way?

Actually u have misunderstood the concept... Know some facts about this which will clear ur doubts... 1) TC is total count or the number of WBCs/ white blood cells per cubic mm of blood2) DC is dif... Read More »

HELP: Cut my finger and spitting blood?

I suggest placing a call to your doctor, if not going to the emergency room. I've never heard of a cut from your finger causing you to cough up blood. The usual cause for that is internal bleeding.... Read More »

I cut my finger & my blood is blue?

I cut my finger and green blood came out. Could I be evil?

In 1973, JGG teamed up with "Little Green Sprout", the diminutive young green giant.