I cut my eye ball, will it heal:/?

Answer See your doctor. You may have a corneal abrasion that needs to be addressed by your doctor.

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Which ball will fall faster, a big ball or a little ball?

A big ball will fall more quickly than a little ball. This is due to the effect of air resistance. The big ball will reach a higher speed before encountering enough air resistance to stop its accel... Read More »

How many days will my tongue burn stay and how will I heal it:(?

3 days.You take Ribboflavin one tablet a fay.

Will my Shoulder heal?

I got the same thing with my throwing shoulder but throwing a football. I cant throw it as hard as I can anymore and I am only 30 yrs old. Maybe I should stretch it more. I do arm circles and... Read More »

Will my swollen ear heal?

There is nothing you can do for swollen things to be honest, just take it easy and put something cold onto it.