I cut, and I would like to stop, and advice on how to?

Answer Hi Nikkie, No judgement here.... the guilt you feel is what the devil wants you to feel and he wants to keep you depressed and upset and feeling guilty. There are songs about this sort of thing...... Read More »

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I think I am an alcoholic, and would like some advice on how to stop drinking (experiences)?

Just stop. Otherwise have another drink and ask the health section this same question. Alcohol is your friend so don't discharged it.

I would like to go blonde and need some advice!?

I would like to buy a first time digit camera, Not to expensive please help with your advice?

Its difficult getting top-tips on what to buy so I have had a good number of digital cameras recently trying to find the 'right' one. I started with a Canon Ixus 40 which had 4 Megapixels and was w... Read More »

What is one bad habit you would like to stop?

I have many bad habits I would like to stop, but since the question only asks for one, I think I will choose gossip. It seems like everyone gossips, like it's a normal, healthy part of social inte... Read More »