I customized my tumblr page using a generator, but it wont save?

Answer Hey!Try logging out of your Tumblr and logging back in again and try to do it again. If that doesn't work, try clearing up your browser history and cache and see if it works then. Still not working... Read More »

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When you edit a Wikipedia page and click "Save Page", can everyone see the change?

If it shows for you, it should show for anyone else in a few seconds, if that (database lag). For example, if you go to the Conan O'Brien article and change it to say "Conan O'Brien is the Presiden... Read More »

Internet explorer 7 wont let me log onto tumblr!! HELP!?

First of all, you should look at updating your browser. Even if you don't want to download FireFox or Chrome, you should still use a more up to date browser as being behind has security risks invol... Read More »

My tumblr site wont open...?

You're right, it can't be found and it's not going to a Tumblr not-found page. Log in and change your theme, perhaps, because maybe that's what the page can't find?