I currently apply and got my calfresh (EBT) card.?

Answer Well with food stamps, no hot food is permitted. You can only basically use it at a grocery store, or supermarket. If your grocery store makes cold subs, then you can buy that with food stamps. Or ... Read More »

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Will my camera Nikon D80 work with a SDhd card as well with as it is currently working with SD?

Yes. SD and SDHC cards are physically the same. The electronics in SDHC are just adapted so that it can hold more data in the same size (hence HC - high capacity). I am currently using an 8GB SDHC ... Read More »

How to Apply for an Exxon Gas Card?

Exxon Mobil is a U.S. multinational oil and gas corporation. The company offers its own credit card, in association with Citibank. Cardholders receive exclusive rebates and benefits, cash back ince... Read More »

How to Apply for a Green Card for the USA?

A foreign national can obtain a green card to the United States in a variety of ways. Two of the most common methods are applying through an employer sponsorship or a family member. These methods i... Read More »

How to Apply for an EBT Card Online?

The Electronic Benefits Transfer, or EBT, card is in use in all 50 states to provide food stamps and other social service assistance to qualifying residents. As of this writing, only 23 states allo... Read More »