I created a local business account under my personal account. Can I transfer it to my company?

Answer Hi Andrew, Please contact us using the form at… for assistance with this issue.

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How to Do a Data Transfer From One Company Account to a Different Company Account in QuickBooks?

No button or option in any QuickBooks software is labeled "Merge Companies." That doesn't mean it isn't possible. If your business has recently purchased another business that also uses QuickBooks,... Read More »

How do I account for the personal use of a company car?

Mileage LogPurchase a mileage log book, notebook or columnar pad at an office supply store. If you prefer to keep a computerized log, create a log using spreadsheet software. Create columns for the... Read More »

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I want to transfer my only my personal addresses to my new gmail account?

1. Create a custom CSV file, or export the address book from your other webmail provider or email client as a CSV open your address book then under file/export/other address book (csv).. y... Read More »