I couldn't remove this virus file AKA "trojan-downloader-dofoil" thing... Help?

Answer After you get this problem resolved (it looks a bit like a "Master Boot Record" modifier) and you'd like to rid yourself of these constant aggravation inducing malware items, look into getting a Li... Read More »

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How do I get rid of a downloader Trojan virus?

Click on the "Start" menu and then click "All Programs."Double-click on "Windows Defender." The Windows Defender program opens.Click on the arrow next to Scan and select "Full Scan." Windows Defend... Read More »

How to remove Trojan VIRUS from the file without deleting the file?

The best anti virus and trojan remover is AVAST. End of story.Just download it, install it and when it ask for a BOOT SCAN, select YES. It will reboot the compu and it will start scan before loggin... Read More »

My laptop is infercted with a trojan.wimad and a downloader virus. norton cant resolve them. what should i do?

Most malwares are designed to attack popularantivirus products (like Symantec, Norton and McAfee), but since free anti-virus product is much less used, it's capable of fighting the viruses when ind... Read More »

How can I remove the Trojan Virus for free and not having to delete every single file off my computer?

I use three programs to protect my computer. I will give you a link for all of them. All are free to download. You will get a 30 day trial for windows washer though.1. Avast! antivirus-http://www.a... Read More »