I connect my Korg X50 to my PC via USB .. But no sound out from PC !?

Answer You seem to believe that the USB connector is an audio output, but it is not. The USB connector is only used as a MIDI output. If you connect your X50 to your computer via USB, you will need to hav... Read More »

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How do you connect external sound from a tv with no outputs?

Most modern televisions have at least a headphone output so even if there is no dedicated audio line output, the 3.5mm mini jack can be used to take the television output to an amplifier with just ... Read More »

How do you get sound when you connect the HDMI cables from the cable box to your PC?

You usually do NOT do this. Your PC has HDMI output. Your cable box has HDMI output. You usually dont wire 2 outputs to each other.The sound usually comes included with the HDMI. But the box tha... Read More »

Can You Connect HDMI Cables to a Surround Sound System for Sound?

Many components for home entertainment systems now have HDMI output ports to carry digital video and up to eight channels of audio on a single cable. If you connect an HDMI cable from a signal sour... Read More »

Can I connect a sound bar, an external subwoofer, or surround sound to my tv?

If you're looking into a surround system, the way I have mine hooked up (old shitty tv with no outputs) is my 5.1 system hooked up into a Kenwood AV Reciever, and then the TV is hooked up using the... Read More »