I colored my hair for the first time ever today and it got all messed up what can I do now to fix it?

Answer pray and wait for it to wash out It probably really looks cool though you just think it messed up so I wouldn't worry too much.

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Dying my hair for the first time today or soon?

Since It's your first time, wait until the weekend so if you mess up, you'll have time to fix it. Also, the stories about hair dye changing over time is not true. I have five emergency boxes of hai... Read More »

U messed it up this time im done?

I think i messed up big time....need a little advice here!?

tell her you will do chores around the house to pay for the damage you have done to the sofa. also apologize to her and ask her to let you visit your friend.


First you need to wash your hair and use a good conditioner. Then gently comb your hair and if none of this helps, go to the hair salon!