I choked really hard on water, and all I can taste is blood. Should I be worried?

Answer Irritated airways..happens when you cough really hard.

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My bf cam in me about 11 times in about 8 days..the next day i started my period.but it was less blood and mostly pink.i usaully dont have cramps but this time was really bad.Should i be worried im P?

Answer you should be very worried. go check yourself out yo.

My mother's blood sugar is 300 after meals. should i be worried?

Shes diabetic... i would say as long as the levels stabilize after an hour of her meal then she should be fine. every ones glucose spikes after a mealand i think she'll be ok since the doc changed ... Read More »

Leg cramp... Should I be worried about something like a blood clot?

Sometimes cramps are due to lack of Potassium in the diet. Try drinking a glass of orange juice or tomato juice every day and add grapefruit to your diet unless you are on cholesterol medication.

Why is it that when I am hungover, water taste horrible Other times water taste great?

You need to brush your teeth.Merely washing your mouth out with a different taste doesn't clean scum off.