I chew gum & my stomach hurts, help!?

Answer | believe it's because your body thinks from the chewing motion/saliva production, that you're about to swollow some food, so your stomach prepares the digestive juices. But when there's nothing fo... Read More »

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Help pleaseeee help my stomach really hurts?

heat. hearing pad. heat water then put it in a water bottle. fill rice in a big dirty sock then heat in 1 min intervals. feel better.

Please help! My stomach hurts really bad!! ?

Take some pain medicine (Ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc.)Put a heat pad on your stomach.Take a warm bath.Lay on your stomach and handle the pain.Lol, that's what I do:P

The lower right side of my stomach hurts, help?

That is true... that is the sign that your appedix is bothering you... you should go to the doctor and have it checked out.It doesn't necessarily mean it has ruptured yet though. You want to get c... Read More »

My stomach hurts when i dont eat, but it hurts even more when i do ?

Sounds like a classic case of an OVERACID tummy. Quick, chew a couple of Tums antiacid tablets. If not at hand use the 1920s trick ofputting a pinch of Soda (bicarb) on your tongue and washing it d... Read More »