I checked the cords~~still am having trouble...?

Answer u may need to reinstall the driver if its missing from device manager ...

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I am having problems with my new computer, and am having trouble remembering all of the things they have me ..?

H-man, I agree with Dune.. he has helped me numerous times.. just follow thru.. Good luck..

Is having your 15 yr old daughter checked by a doctor, if she´s still a virgin wrong?

Having been a mom of two teenagers, I don't feel that it's wrong to want to do this. Kids are having sex way too young with little or no accurate information, and they're getting younger all the t... Read More »

I having trouble i can't poo !?

Eat lots and lots of watermelon, blend it up and drink loads of it

Why are Direct TV and CBS having trouble?

surfing the Internet, there is no code for this TV. It was probably made from 2004 to 2010. Just wasted 3 hours trying to make it work with Dish-???? Looks like we are stuck with 2 remotes. A repla... Read More »